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Preparations for your next facial


About the Service

-Do not use any active acid or Retinol, Vitamin A products 5 days before or after.

-Do not do facial hair removal 3 days before or after.

-Botox is fine 15 days before or 3 days after.

-Hyaluronic acid fillers should be administered 2 weeks before or according to doctor's instructions before

-Abstain from laser hair removal in the treated area 2 weeks before or after

-If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant, you must obtain consent from your physician stating that it is okay to lie on your back for 50-80 minutes for your service.

-Having an active cold sore or open skin lesion is not recommended for a facial treatment and may be declined.

Men: Facial hair is fine. Do not shave the day of or the day before your facial treatment.

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