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Rewards programs

We value and thank so many beautiful and special people who always prefer and value our services but who also spread the word, that is why we have created these rewards programs

Reward your perseverance

This display of self-love, which is taking care of your skin, requires perseverance and dedication and that has its reward here, which is why after every 5 uninterrupted facials you will receive your next facial with a 50% discount, which will continue time after time.

Recompensa a tu constancia
Recompensamos tus referencias

We reward your referrals

We reward with discounts what you've always done for free when you like a service.

You will receive $10 off your next service every time a person you refer for the first time books their appointment.

(Limit of 10 people per month)

Can you imagine your next service totally free?

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