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Facial for men


1 hour and a half

About the Service

More and more men are taking advantage of the benefits of a gentleman's facial. Men's skin needs pampering too. Men are increasingly aware of their grooming choices and in a society that values youthful appearance, regular facial treatments help men retain a face of energy and vigor.

Youthful Appearance

Men experience a variety of skin problems as they age. A man's testosterone level begins to decline after the age of 30 and this has a direct impact on the skin. Lines, wrinkles and sagging begin to appear. The skin is less supple and resilient, can take on a sallow appearance and dark spots may appear. A gentleman's face firms and rejuvenates.

Minimizes rashes

Every man has experienced the unpleasant effects of razor burn. Irritation, inflammation and ingrown hairs occur especially frequently in men with rough skin. Gentleman's facial treatment softens and soothes the skin for a better shaving experience and helps eliminate redness, itching and flaking of the skin caused by shaving irritation.

Relieves blackheads and whiteheads

Men have elevated testosterone levels, which results in increased production of oil in the skin called sebum. It helps moisturize the skin and the more oil produced, the more likely a person is to develop blackheads and whiteheads. Men also have larger pores where sebum, dead skin cells and dirt can get trapped. Men's facials are designed to unclog pores and remove the oil, dirt and debris trapped deep inside that can lead to acne.

Removes dead skin cells.

The entire body is constantly shedding dead skin cells that accumulate over time, even with regular cleansing. Dead skin cells on the face make the skin look dull, old and lifeless. A facial gently exfoliates and allows skin care products to work better.

Relaxing experience

A gentleman's facial has countless benefits for the skin and is also beneficial for the mind. A facial is a relaxing experience that relieves stress and will make men of any age look younger and feel rejuvenated.

Do not shave before your facial.

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