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Complements for Facials

Prices in description

About the Service

These are different benefits that can be added to complement any facial and pamper yourself.

any facial and pamper yourself a little:

Ice Balloon Massage $10

Oxygen Cleanser $10

Intensive Mask $10

Oxygen Infusion of: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Peptides $25

Light therapy $45

Microcurrent Facelift $25

Treatment Ampoules $15 (vitamin C, acne, hydration, collagen, peptides, firming, caviar, ceramides)

Collagen eye mask $ 12

Dermaplaning $35

Arm massage $10

Collagen Hand Mask $10

Serum Cocktail $10

Collagen veils with: Aloe vera, Caviar, Ginko Biloba, Myoxinol or 100% Collagen $18

Extra extractions time: $20 30 minutes

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